Furries Asked Questions!

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Guarantee FAQ:
Q: Why is this on the front page, with a link on EVERY page and even the top of your FAQ?
A: Because we don’t belive in hiding how important our customer is to us in TOS, or legal speak, Keep it simple and transparent is big with us.

Q: Whats the catch?
A: We don’t pay for return shipping.

Q: You worried people are going to rip you off?
A: It will happen, but we feel that building trust and offering un-matched service out weighs the few bad Apples.

Q: What if it was damaged in shipping?
A: It’s better for everyone if you go through the shipping service (USPS normally) because they normally insure it for more than you paid. Then you can order again. But if they make that impossable, or you can’t do that for whatever reason. We will make it right.

Q: My item got lost!
A: We put tracking on most of our items, contact us and we will help it get found, or make it right.

Rest of the FAQ:

Question: Who are you?

A: I am just a grey muzzle that has found a job I love. That allows me to stay in contact with the community I grew up with, and give back in a meaningful way. I go by Cesar. I have been in the fandom since 94, I started on a place called Furry Muck, my first convention was Anthro-Con, My species is a Doberman, and I am married.

Question: No, Who is Paw to Print?

A: Paw to Print is one teams solution to some of the complaints that go around about weird looks in big chain stores and as an alternative to other print shops that service our great fandom.

So, I went to my mentor in the print shop business by the name of Dan (Aloha Dan, Mahalo for your help through all these things!)

He taught me the most important rule in a business like this is to make sure your customers come back. You won’t make a profit on every sale, or every time.

But if you make sure you do everything reasonably in your power to make something right, you walk away every time profitable in the long run.

So when I saw how few options furries had, and how they were treated, I wanted to apply Dan’s teachings to my community.

TLDR: We are a company that learned you don’t need to give crappy customer service to make a profit, so we applied it to the fandom we grew up in.

Question: Where are you located?

A: As we are a small business we MAY move, but as of this writing, we are located in CT.

Question: Why should I buy/Sell on/with Paw to Print?

A: We have strict quality controls, most of our products are made in house, those that are not, are inspected as they come in.

So that means that there is no excuse for us to send out inferior products. One of the core reasons we started Paw to Press was the complaints from artists about the prints they order being ‘too light’ or ‘too dark’ with other furry related print shops.

If things are not acceptable to us, we do not ship them out. We have done printing for Civilians and the Gov.

We are not ones to send out things we would not want to use ourselves.

Question: Well, what if something goes wrong?

A: In the case that we DO miss something (it has happened) or our customers are unhappy, we do everything we reasonably can to make it right.

That being said there are a few exceptions, and even on those, we will do what we can to help:

Items damaged in transit need to be handled through the carrier (USPS, UPS, FEDEX)

Custom Items that have been Approved by the buyer through a Proof (Digital or Otherwise) will be edited/Redone with a fee. (You approve an item, then you change your mind, notice a mistake, do not like it, or what not, we can not be held liable.)


If you are unhappy with an item, you may return it, (At your cost) for a refund (Minus a 10% restocking Fee) If the item is damaged in the return shipping, this fee may increase to 25% at our option.

This list may change if circumstances come up that we did not foresee (Like Aliens or something)

We do not anticipate many problems, nor do we think our customers or artists are out to take advantage of us, but we do need guidelines to keep everyone on the same page.

Question: Do you have a Fursonas?

A: Of course we do!

Question: Do you go to Conventions?

A: We do, normally we have our convention list posted on the site, but sometimes the dog eats it on us. Contact us if you are wondering about any convention in particular.

Question: What types of work do you allow?

A: We accept both NSFW and SFW art is allowed.

But, there are some restrictions on content:

The big ones such as Gore, Snuff, Questionable acts with minors, Bathroom Play, Non-consent are all restricted. We are also working on offering digital and CD versions of art portfolios for interested artists. We are also working on online stories/short stories for interested authors. If either of these are things you wish to provide contact us and we will get in contact with you about it!

Question: I want to sell my items on your site! How do I start?


The first thing you do is hit us up through our Contact Us page and let us know!

Someone will be in contact with you shortly to follow up. Make SURE that you include your social media (Twitter) and one other form of contact. (Telegram or Skype Preferred) Please also include your local time (PST, EST ETC) and a time frame that is best to contact you!

You should be ready for the following things when we contact you:

Give  us samples of your art 2-6 of your favorites, that are in your style, and completed products. (Please, No links to FA galleries.)

And about 30-60 minutes of time to talk.

You can also do this through E-mail but this tends to be slower.

Question: What if my question wasn’t listed here?

A:  Contact us with your question and not only will we give you a response it will be added here!