My name is Tartii, and welcome to my Paw to Press page!

I am a clean furry artist stationed in Florida.

I do a lot of anthro and feral work, my primary focus being on the cute side of art.

I also enjoy dabbling in romance art all across the spectrum and attractive males.

Art is what brings me the most joy in my life, and if anything I do brings smiles or joy to anyone else in the process, then its a big bonus!!

Thanks so much for stopping by and taking a peek!

Every bit of support means the world and gives me the push to keep creating!

You can help support my art by going to my : Patreon!

I am also found on Fur Affinity as well.

If vore art is your jam, this is my Fur Affinity For Vore Art!

Below you can find a small selection of the items that I offer here on Paw to Press!

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Thank you again for visiting me!