The name is Ryun and I’m a stay at home mom full-time and a part-time digital artist.

I love drawing pretty much anything within reason.

I love Game Grumps, Ninja Sex Party, Pokemon, Cards Against Humanity, World of Warcraft, and cooking competition shows.

When I’m not being a mom and doting house wife, I love drawing animal people, mostly naked, and struggle snuggling.

I draw traditionally, digitally, paint, sculpt, build fursuits, sometimes even plushies.

I consider myself a jack of many trades. I briefly studied at AiA in Atlanta for Media Arts/Animation and Game Art/Design for almost 4 years.

Although I did not graduate (personal reasons) I feel I learned a lot and made even better friends who introduced me into the fandom.

I’ve been active in the furry fandom since 2009, and while it has many ups and downs, I sure do love it.

The cool kids I know keep things interesting! <3

You can find me on Picarto or Fur Affinity and even Twitter!