Paw To Press Artist Terms Of Service Agreement

By joining, Paw-To-Press (Us) you agree that this agreement between us is binding, and you have read it. And Understand it.

This can be terminated by us, or you at any time, for any reason. Generally we would like to make an attempt to work it out, but in any case request of termination must be sent through email so that there is record of it for both parties. (Telegram, Through Another Party, Or In person will no longer suffice. Its caused issues in the past. Something IN WRITING / EMAIL by you must be had.)

Contact us if you have questions on this agreement.

1) By using the site or services, you are responsible to upload to us stuff you want us to sell for you. All images are reviewed for content and while curation will take a little time for new artists, in the long run it will be worth it to make sure that all of our artists feel safe and welcome and that our users are happy.

We will determine what, if any, are sell-able on the site, but we will try to sell to you personally anything you want.

You also accept our TOS  If you want to call the quits, get a hold of us through email ( with the subject line “Request For Removal”, and we will make that happen. (#2 explains termination)

2) If we decide to part ways for any reason, this is how it goes:

Parting ways becomes known.

All items are offered to you at your normal 50% off.

Leftover items will have one of 2 things happen:

1) They will be destroyed, picture proof will be provided. (This is normally for Prints Only. Not Fabric Media/Books/High Dollar Items)

2) They will be sold or given to one or more convention charity auctions so that someone may benefit from the last interactions between us. You will receive a receipt for your charitable donation in the sum of your cut of said item. (This is for High Dollar, Fabric Media, Books, Etc)

Its our choice what we do (Destroy or Donate) Normally we prefer to donate. Remember that Destroying product costs us money, we are willing to eat some loss for the sake of both parties. But Some products, depending on quantity can be several hundred, to a couple thousand dollars. And we are not able to take such a loss, if someone decides to leave. If our choice to donate is not acceptable to you, you are welcome to purchase your items at 50% off. Any time up to 30 days from your termination Request. After that. You forego your option to buy and they will be sold, and proceeds donated to charity.

3) You may only upload images that are:

Created by you or a Collab. (15% to each artist up to 2. 10% if 3, If one artist waives the desire to be paid, but allows its use, the full 30% goes to the remaining artist.)

Are legal

We reserve the right to refuse to print any of the following on a case by case basis:

Extreme Violence


Bathroom stuff


NSFW Chibi


We /may/ create a secondary website strictly FOR these items in the future if this is something our artists would like. We would love your input on this.

4)    It goes without saying but, anything we print for you, you MUST have the copyright for, you can tell us if you decide you no longer want a particular image printed in any way and we will remove it.  remainders will be donated for charity. Our costs to make covered remainder donated and donation information provided to artist for tax purposes.

Fan art is allowed but MUST be satire, or Transformative.

5)    We will print and sell things in your stead and transfer your share to you. We have a guarantee, we stand by it. Period. By becoming an artist, you agree that we are allowed to sell your products for you.

6)    We may have to alter things to make them suitable for printing. Things like Color, cropping, etc. By letting us print things for you, you give us the rights to modify them as we feel we need to in order to make it look its best. You also understand that due to screen variations and the CMYK printing process some colors may come out slightly different.

We won’t: Change things completely, add or remove characters, etc. Make sure you have your signature on a separate layer, or send us an image of your sig, and we’ll make sure it’s always there.

6b) Image Preference / requirements

We prefer PSD files uploaded with multi layers.

We can accept any lossless file type (PNG etc) Provided that:

There are no banners (patreon links), watermarks, titles (unless it’s part of the image itself) etc

We will allow you a patreon link in your artist page! 😀

We prefer images be 11×14 as this crops easily to 8×10 and sizes up nicely, we can handle any normal paper size up to 16×20.

CMYK is preferred but we can swap it over if we must.

7)    When you upload stuff, you allow us to use it for promotion, and give proper credit. Anything we sell, you still get your Royalties. Its up to us if we bring things of yours to a convention, but we try to bring something from everyone.

7b,) Any works that you feel have been mis-tagged or you think more tags should be added, please contact us and give us: THE LINK and what tags you feel should be added/removed. Please only do this for YOUR work.

8)    This one is a bit wordy, sorry in advance:

We pay out 30% (35% for exclusive, must be approved by us) of the price on the website.^* Price is subject to change, we set the prices, and this depends on our costs. We will give notice of price changes. Artists may still sell product at conventions of ‘exclusive content’ but exclusivity only applies if artist and paw to press are the only ones able to sell such an image.

^* (As off 1/1/19 Prints pay 50%)

We pay through paypal, if it’s declined, we will try to reach you. If we can’t reach you, we will hold onto it for a ROLLING 365 days. For example: If you make 100$ in Jan 2017 it will be held till Jan 2018. If we still can not reach you, or you have not reached out to us… At that time it will be donated to a charity. Any money you made in Feb of 2017 will be held till Feb 2018, etc. We will reach out every time a payment fails.    If a backup mailing address, or other payment method is offered, this will be attempted as well. We will not be liable if you do not keep a up to date address and we send your payment to your on file address! It will be sent by check/money order to you on month 11. If unclaimed by month 12 it will be donated.

If Payments are declined for 12 consecutive months, your account will be closed, and money donated to charity.

Receipts will be held for donations made by your royalties.

Any questions, or Requests for Specific Donation please contact us.

9)     Play nice. Be be respectful to us, other users, other artists. This is a business for us, and for you. While we hope to foster friendships with our staff and our users, this isn’t the place for drama. Drama, harassment, threats, doxxing any kind of abuse to staff, other users, etc, will not be tolerated. We have a detailed TOS and we may at times have put all things in writing, through email, official statements, the TOS, or some means. So when documents come to you for approval/signature please do not think it anything but us covering our butt, and yours. (For example cons needing written permission etc)

10)    There might be some stuff you don’t want to see here, and if it IS around and we consider it to be ‘harder stuff’ we will put it in its own category, but just in case and because we want to TRY to cater to everyone, some fetishes you might not like that you MAY see here as they are allowed on a case by case basis.

Some examples include:

Bathroom Play

Non-consensual/Seemingly non-consensual sex




Breath Control

Many genders, species, sexualities and fetishes.

Foul Language/Vernacular (In backgrounds or Speech Bubbles)

If you are sensitive, try to stay out of any category you may find offensive. We will not post images in sections we do not feel they belong (Males in the Female area for example) and if we have a question on what something is, or where it belongs, we will contact the artist directly. Any mis-taggings or accidents, please contact us and we will fix it.

11)     If you want to buy something as an artist to sell at a convention, or store, or wherever. You are entitled to and will receive a discount. (Minimum 50%) You won’t get a royalty on things you buy from us. You can sell this stuff anywhere, for any price.

If we do not have enough in stock we will produce/Acquire it for you as quickly as possible. Please, check our stock and email us 6 weeks in advance if you will be ordering a significant quantity of products.

For example:
You purchase your own Daki for us at 50% off. We will not pay you 30% on your own discounted purchase. (Example Added 9/18/18)

12) Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)

Daki (Total): 10

Prints(Per style (Matte, Glossy/Metallic): 15

Mousepads(Any amount of any design): 10

Wall-scrolls (excluding convention delivery): 5

Pop Sockets (single Design) 20

Standees (single Design) 10

Acrylic Charms (single Design) 20

If you need an example of Acceptable MOQ please contact us 🙂

13)  If you don’t meet the MOQ (unless its been worked out ahead of time) Your discount will be 30% (What you would get paid if someone ordered from the site)

If you meet the MOQ discounts will be 50%

If you buy something of another artists, there is no discount.

14)    We can change this at any time, with reasonable notice (15-30 days) please check back here often. An auto-mailer is on the way to assist with that for those who sign up for it (strongly suggested)

15)    If there is a problem between us, first we will try to work it out with you. If it’s our fault, we make it right. If it’s a shipper’s fault we will work with you to make it right. End of the day, we want to make it right.  In such cases where confusion is too much to be solved with simple questions. Any written agreements will be followed as it is written.

In the case where something that was not a foreseen scenario, then we will work to make it right for you, and adapt as a business to avoid that scenario and others like it from happening again (such as changing how things are done in the future, or editing documents to include such situations.)

If things go crazy and things get out of control and you break the play nice rule. We will have no choice but to choose to end our relationship. But, we hand pick our artists, so we know that you are good people!

16)    You use this service at your own risk. “As is” and “As Available” we will try our best to sell stuff for you, but we can not predict the market. Or control nature, man, or beast. We just try our best to tame them.